Prishtina Open 2024 draw

Prishtina Open 2024 draw

The atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for the Prishtina Open 2024 has reached new heights with the publication of the official draw for the international table tennis tournament. This eagerly awaited moment has finally brought clarity to all participants and fans who were enthusiastically awaiting to learn about their opponents and their paths in this grand sporting event.

Prishtina Open 2024 has attracted around 350 participants from 20 different countries, making it one of the largest and most significant international table tennis tournaments. With the publication of the draw, the competitions have become more concrete, and players’ strategies are now in the intensive preparation phase.

This year’s draw is expected to create some very interesting matchups that promise spectacle and special excitement. The players have been divided into groups, and the match tables have been made public, allowing everyone to plan their matches and follow their rivals.

The participants, who come from different countries around the world and with various playing styles, now know who their first opponents will be and what challenges await them.

For fans, the published draw offers the opportunity to closely follow their favorite players and to predict the most interesting matches. With such a large number of talented players and a great variety of styles, Prishtina Open 2024 is expected to be a true sporting spectacle. Over the weekend, approximately 530 matches will be played across all age groups. On Friday, veterans will compete, divided into categories 40-49, 50-59, 60-64, 65-69, and 70+, while Saturday is reserved for U17 and U21, and on Sunday morning, the U13 age group will compete, while in the afternoon, the seniors will play, and at 20:00, the grand final of Prishtina Open 2024 will take place.

Due to the large number of entries in the senior category, seniors divided into groups will see only the group winner advance to the knockout stage, while in other categories, two players from each group will move forward.

Prishtina is now ready to welcome athletes and fans from around the world, offering a lively and welcoming atmosphere. As the matches begin and the excitement builds, one thing is certain: Prishtina Open 2024 will be an unforgettable event that will leave a deep mark Kosovar table tennis history.

Knockout stage – draw and time table of matches

7 June 2024 – Friday – 17:00h – Veterans draw

8 June 2024 – Saturday – 09:00h – U17 and U21 draw

9 June 2024 – Sunday – 10:00h – U13 and Senior draw